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Daseke Milestones 2018

The Daseke family had an amazing year in 2018! We are grateful for all of the exciting milestones we passed in 2018, and we are looking forward to all that 2019 holds in store. Smokey Point Distributing Adds Glass Hauling Capabilities of Belmont Enterprises In January, Belmont Enterprises joined the Daseke family under Smokey Point […]

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Daseke Milestones 2016

2016 was a highly eventful year for Daseke, which proves again how there is no such thing as a “typical year” for the company. 2016 was full of exciting news, accomplishments, and inspiring stories about drivers, employees and companies in the Daseke family. Not only was Daseke awarded as a whole in the trucking industry, but individual companies in […]

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