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Woodworking Shop on Wheels: RoadKing Interviews E.W. Wylie’s Brian Matthews

Dedication and attention to detail are traits that are important to every flatbed truck driver. Brian Matthews, a truck driver for E.W. Wylie, has channeled these traits not only through his driving, but also through his passion for woodworking. When he isn’t on the road or loading freights, Brian works on his latest woodworking project in the cab of his truck. In a recent article from Roadking Magazine, Brian Matthews shares how he executes these creative projects on the road.

“Pretty soon, though, the cab looks like a wood shop when I’m done,” he laughs. “It gets a little messy, but I clean it up every day. I have a thing about keeping my home away from home clean.”

Brian’s previous experience working on boats inspired him to begin making wooden model ships. He recently completed a project for Don Daseke, the Chairman, President and CEO of Daseke, Inc. The intricate blue and white ship was met with admiration and elation from Don Daseke.

“Brian’s details are amazing and very unexpected all the way down to the things you may never see like nautical maps and a toaster. A toaster!” said Don Daseke. “He carved everything from scratch, what patience. I believe deeply in being persistent and always learning. I feel that Brian and I share those passions. One of my favorite parts of the boat is where he emblazoned the back deck with ‘Investing In People.'”

While he has received a great deal of recognition for his talent, Brian’s true goal for his woodworking hobby is to continually improve his skills. He enjoys challenging himself with new projects and learning how to make his next projects even better. He has received support from the E.W. Wylie family and they have celebrated him for his creativity and his outstanding driving.

Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews meets Don and Barbara Daseke while presenting the blue and white M/V Barbra D ship.

To read more about Brian Matthews and his woodworking creations, read the full article on RoadKing Magazine.

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