HDT Explores How Boyd Bros. Recruits and Keeps Top Drivers

When your industry is responsible for more than 70 percent of all freight moved in the country, you’re dependent upon the qualified and trusted people doing the actual heavy lifting and moving. That means when you find the right person for the job, you do what it takes to keep them happy and show them you’re invested in their future.

This is the position in which the trucking industry finds itself. What can a successful trucking company do to differentiate itself as one of the best places for rookies to start their careers? What can it do to attract top-notch talent while ensuring its top guns don’t pursue other opportunities? It’s a tightrope that recruiting departments, top management officials and executives walk each day.

And it’s the subject of a recent article from Heavy Duty Trucking, featuring expert advice from Lori Furnell, Vice President of Communications for Boyd Bros. Transportation, a Daseke family company. One in seven Boyd drivers are members of the Million Mile Club, a fact that helps Boyd attract top drivers and demonstrates the company’s commitment to allowing that talent to flourish.

According to Furnell, you “have to have a system in place to keep the really good guys driving for you. Once they’re in the door here, we have strategies in place to try to turn them into long-term employees.”

Boyd Bros Recruiting Top Drivers

Plaques celebrating Boyd Bros’ Million Safe Mile Drivers are evidence of Boyd Bros’ eye for talent and ability to top drivers.
Photo credit: Boyd Bros. Transportation

To learn more about creative recruiting strategies and what other top-performing companies are doing to attract drivers, read the full article on Heavy Duty Trucking.

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