E.W. Wylie Gets Big Reward By Going Small

Small in the waistline that is.

Participating in the 3rd annual Truckload Carrier’s Association’s Weight Loss Showdown, E.W. Wylie placed third, with three drivers finishing in the top 10 for best results.

Similar in nature to the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser,” the TCA contest pits teams of 12 from competing trucking companies in a quest to see which team can lose the most weight. “We had nine drivers and three staff members compete,” said Kay Lupkes, HR director for E.W. Wylie. “It was a 10-week program with TCA providing coaches from Lindora – a company that helps with fitness programs and diets. They were great to work with and the results showed. Overall, our team members lost 10.5 percent of our beginning body weight. The top team in the contest finished with 13.2 percent.”

According to Lupkes, three of E.W. Wylie’s drivers finished in the top 10. One driver finished third losing 20.9 percent, another finished fifth at 18.9 percent, and another Wylie driver came in 10th place with 15.2 percent in weight loss.

“We’re very proud of their accomplishments, and that of our whole team,” said Lupkes. “We hope to participate again in the challenge next year and keep up the momentum we’ve built thanks to the program.”

Lupkes said competing in the weight loss program was inspirational to all the E.W. Wylie drivers and staff. “Our contestants raised awareness that fitness and health can be improved on the road. Trucking is a tough occupation and it’s hard to find time to exercise – but with a healthy diet and an exercise program, great results can happen. We’re very proud of what our team accomplished.”

E.W. Wylie is just one of the companies that makes up the Daseke family of trucking companies, now the second largest open-deck/specialty trucking company in North America.

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