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Don Daseke’s Beginnings as a Newpaper Boy

Don Daseke may be CEO of a large company now, but he started his career as a delivery boy for the Crawfordsville Journal Review in Indiana when he was 9 years old.

Throwing newspapers from his bicycle was an important job, and he had 75 customers on his delivery route. Even though he only made about $5 a week, the job was a great learning experience, especially when it came to interacting with his subscribers.

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What was the most valuable knowledge he gained from his paper route?

“It taught me to deal with all sorts of people,” Don says. “That’s just life. There will be some people who you like better than other people. But they’re all in your life, and you need to deal with them.”

Don applied this wisdom to his future positions. As the CEO of Daseke, he found that knowing how to work with people was important to finding success.

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