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Don Daseke Joins KLRD Radio Dallas For CEO Spotlight

KRLD Radio Dallas’ daily (Monday – Friday) “CEO Spotlight” segment features interviews with business leaders, giving them an opportunity to discuss their companies and share some of the secrets of their success.

On May 10th, Don Daseke joined David Johnson, the host of “CEO Spotlight,” to talk about Daseke. To describe what makes Daseke an industry leader, Don tells the story of how Daseke first got up and running and explains his philosophy of “investing in people.” 

In addition to sharing the story of Daseke’s beginnings, Don also discusses what it means to be an open deck specialized transportation company meeting the challenges of moving goods today’s fast-paced and complex economy. With the addition of the Schilli Companies and Big Freight Systems, the Daseke family of companies is continuing to grow and cover regions all across the United States and Canada.

Listen to the full interview between Don Daseke and David Johnson below.


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