Daseke #1 Flatbed/Specialized Carrier in the CCJ Top 250 Rankings; Rises in Overall Rankings

Daseke, Inc. uses strategic partnerships to grow revenue and climb the CCJ Top 250 rankings.

This month, Commercial Carrier Journal released its 2016 rankings of North America’s Top 250 carriers. These carriers are selected based on a variety of metrics, including revenue, number of drivers and overall size, to name a few.

Daseke Inc.’s commitment to its core philosophy of strategic growth has helped the company rise in the CCJ Top 250 rankings. In its latest article sharing the rankings, CCJ makes special mention of Daseke’s efforts in 2015.

“Daseke, another newcomer to trucking, continued its acquisition of flatbed companies in 2015, acquiring Bulldog Hiway Express in July and Hornady Transportation and its 230 power units a month later.”

By joining together with Bulldog Hiway Express and Hornady Transportation, Daseke Inc. has continued to expand despite a decline for many other carriers in 2015. That strategic growth has allowed Daseke to rise to the top in the flatbed/specialized/heavy haul segment and move up in the overall rankings.

Daseke’s revenue growth is even more impressive considering more than half the companies disclosing their figures experienced a reduction from 2014 to 2015. Further, while the flatbed/specialized/heavy haul segment as a whole experienced the largest overall dip in revenue, Daseke surged forward with a roughly 27 percent increase.

As a result, Daseke Inc. was ranked No. 1 in the Flatbed, Specialized and Heavy Haul category this year. The company has also moved up in the overall rankings to No. 42. Daseke is looking to continue to grow strategically and lead the trucking industry into the future.

CCJ Top 250 Daseke

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