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CCJ Innovator: Daseke Rolls Out Employee Stock Award Program to Improve Business, Retain Drivers

It’s not every day that a leader has a great idea and manages to implement it successfully on a large scale. But that’s exactly what Don Daseke did with his idea for the Employee Stock Program.

What started out as an idea led to Daseke growing and becoming the largest owner and consolidator of open deck specialized transportation in North America. From there, Daseke had one more step to take before making this idea a reality: to become a public company. Becoming a public company in February allowed Daseke to finally create the Employee Stock Program and give back to the drivers who are so vital to the success of the Daseke family of companies.

Becoming a public company was always Don Daseke’s dream.

“From the beginning, our plan was to have a stock program for all of our employees, including an industry-first public stock plan for our company drivers,” Daseke said.

Now that the Employee Stock Program has been implemented, drivers have a mindset of ownership in the company and feel empowered to come together as one. Daseke has proved that true innovation means having a great idea and implementing it successfully.

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