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Builders Transportation Secures Load in Transportation of the USS Arizona

This summer, Builders Transportation — a Daseke company — and UPS worked together to transport an 800-pound section of the valiant battleship USS Arizona. That delivery completed the final leg of a 3,600-mile journey from Pearl Harbor to Amarillo, home of the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.

uss arizona

In recognition of this cherished artifact’s historical significance, UPS donated the cost of the move from Hawaii to Texas. UPS also kept the job in the family, as many of the drivers involved have recorded service in our nation’s armed forces. Escort for the UPS Freight truck with driver and Air Force veteran Burt Robinson behind the wheel were provided by law enforcement, as well as Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles. They accompanied Burt for the entire 125-mile trip from Lubbock to Amarillo. 36327338_1759701517399855_2051254038149726208_n


Builders Transportation’s donation consisted of a flatbed trailer and the services of a driver — Charles Jones. Jones, who has been a professional driver with Builders Transportation since August 2015 and is a member of Builders Transportation’s Pride of Fleet program, secured the load in such a way that the crate with the ship section inside was visible to other motorists and roadside observers.

Charles Jones

The procession also made a short stop at the Pilot Travel Center in Tulia, Texas, where Pilot supported the delivery with refreshments for the escorts.

Thank you to all involved for making the USS Arizona’s arrival in Amarillo a momentous occasion. The Daseke family of companies considers it to have been an honor and a privilege to help out.

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