Boyd’s Lori Rustin leads ELD discussion – CCJ

When Lori Rustin accepted the position as Safety Manager for Boyd Bros. Transportation, she knew she was stepping in the middle of a major process shift as Boyd was implementing ELDs. Drivers were accustomed to supplying their hours-of-service status through mobile communications, and throwing a new technology at them could cause apprehension and push-back.

“I don’t think I slept 5 minutes, she said about the day she accepted the job. “What kind of problem is this going to be? How are drivers going to accept this?”

Featured in a May 29th article of CCJ, “Getting onboard with electronic logs,” Lori discusses how Boyd Bros. Transportation combated driver’s preconceived notions that ELDs would make their jobs more difficult. Lori invited 11 seasoned drivers to start using the ELDs. Once they shared their experiences with other drivers, the fears went away and ELDs were being used voluntarily. One year later, almost half of the fleet is on ELDs.

The benefits of ELDs, Rustin said, have been tangible improvements in CSA scores, fewer DOT inspections, virtually zero missing logs and a much more efficient way to manage compliance.

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