Daseke Inc.’s Merger with Boyd Bros. Transportation is D CEO Magazine’s Midsize ‘Deal of the Year’

On Tuesday May 6, 2014, D CEO Magazine hosted the 2014 Mergers & Acquisitions Awards, honoring a variety of Dallas-Fort Worth mergers and dealmakers in six different categories.

In the category of “Midsize Deals”, Daseke Inc’s merger with Boyd Bros. Transportation in the fall of 2013 proved to be the winner.

In a short speech acknowledging his thanks for the award, Don Daseke noted that the key to his company’s success is investing in people and for the long term.

As noted in the May-June issue of D CEO:

Daseke says he’s borrowing a page from legendary investor Warren Buffett’s playbook: “His holding period is forever. That’s our strategy, too.” – D CEO Magazine

That same article noted that Daseke is taking the approach of merging with well-run flatbed trucking companies like Boyd, keeping management teams in place, and building incentives to keep and attract talented employees for the long term.

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