Employee Stock

If you were an employee by December 31st, 2017, claim your Employee Stock Ownership Award!

(See FAQs Below)

Three easy steps!

1. First, ACTIVATE Your Account, By Setting Up Your Username and Password.

Two easy choices: 

arrowCall 1-877-380-7793 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET. 

  • Your company name = “Daseke”.

– OR –

arrowFollow the link that Solium / Shareworks has sent to your email address.

2. Next, ACCEPT Your Award Via a Desktop Computer (about a ten-minute process).

  • Log on to your Shareworks account via desktop computer and accept your award.

3. Now, FOLLOW Your Employee Stock Ownership!

  • On the mobile-friendly website – Shareworks.com
  • Download the Shareworks App and follow your shares!
  • See FAQs below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shareworks customer support number?


What is a stock unit?

A restricted stock unit is a grant valued in terms of company stock, but company stock is not issued at the time of the grant. The stock unit grant is subject to a vesting schedule. Upon vesting, the employee receives Daseke, Inc. shares.

Are there any tax consequences related to my stock units when they vest?

Yes. Under current Federal income tax rules, an employee receiving stock units is not taxed at the time of the grant. Instead, the employee is taxed at vesting. The amount of income subject to tax is the fair market value of the grant at the time of vesting. The employer withholds shares from the vested shares to cover the statutory minimum taxes due and the remaining shares deposited into your Shareworks account. Please consult your tax adviser regarding the income tax consequences to you.

Are there any tax consequences when I subsequently sell my shares?

Yes. If you sell your shares for more than the price at vest, you will have either a long-term or short-term capital gain. If you sell your shares for less than the price at vest, you will have either a long-term or short-term capital loss. As a reminder, the calculation to determine a capital gain or loss is based on the difference between the price of the shares at vest and the sales price. Please consult your tax adviser regarding the income tax consequences to you.

What are long-term capital gains?

If you sell your shares more than one year after the anniversary of your vesting date, your gain will be considered long term and will be taxed at a more favorable rate than ordinary income rates.

What are short-term capital gains?

If you sell your shares less than one year after the vesting date, your gain will be considered short term and you will pay ordinary income tax on the profit.

How does the company calculate the number of stock units received on the grant date?

Each participant will be allocated a fixed $ amount of stock units.  Based on the closing price of Daseke’s stock on the grant date, a proportionate number of stock units will be awarded to each participant.  For example, an award of $200 will result in the following stock units granted to the participant:


Stock award – $200

Stock price – $10.00 per share

Stock units awarded = $200 / $10.00 per share = 20 stock units.

When are employees eligible to receive stock unit grants?

Employees are eligible for one stock unit award in 2017 based on their initial employment date and continued employment through a calendar quarter period.  Below is a chart summarizing initial employment date and corresponding award date following continuous employment with the Company.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.51.55 PM

The pre-determined period in which stock units must be held before an employee can take ownership of Stock.

When does vesting start?

Vesting begins on the grant date outlined in the agreement. Please note that you will most likely sign the agreement later than the grant date but that does not delay the start of the vesting process.

Are contractors or owner operators eligible for stock unit grants?

No, stock units are offered to employees only as a reward for continued employment with the company

What happens to my stock units if I leave my employer prior to a vesting date?

If you leave your employer prior to vesting, for any reason other than death or disability, you forfeit your unvested stock units.

What if an employee receives a stock unit grant, leaves the company, and is rehired at a later date?

Upon leaving the company, all unvested stock units are forfeited.  Upon rehire, the eligibility waiting period starts over based on the new rehire date.

If I am currently not working due to a personal leave, medical leave or out on Workman’s Comp, will I still receive my shares when they are scheduled to vest?

Yes. An approved leave will not affect the vesting and receipt of your shares. You will receive your shares as long as you remain an employee of Daseke.

What happens to my stock units if I die or become disabled?

Upon death or disability, unvested stock units shall vest based on the number of full months of employment completed prior to the vesting date(s).

Where can I find detailed information on the fees?

Details on Shareworks service fees, brokerage fees, commissions and tax withholding are listed in full detail when you complete a sell of shares. Fees are deducted from proceeds that you are eligible to receive as a result of the transaction.

The Company pays all record keeping and administration fees. You pay brokerage fees associated with buying and selling shares. Brokerage fees, for both purchases and sales, are currently:

$0.03 per share with a $25.00 minimum per transaction.

Shareworks’ fees continue to be lower than brokerage fees charged to individual investors.

Can I transfer vested shares to a different financial institution?

Yes, you may transfer vested shares to any financial institution which offers brokerage services. Most major banks in the United States offer brokerage accounts.

Can I purchase Daseke shares as part of the Employee Stock Ownership Awards Program?

No, you may not purchase Daseke stock as part of the Employee Stock Ownership Awards Program.

You may open a brokerage account at a financial institution and purchase any publically traded stock, including Daseke, Inc. shares.

Does Daseke offer an employee stock purchase plan?

No, the company does not currently offer a stock purchase plan for employees.

What if I do not want to participate in the stock program?

There is no requirement to participate in the plan. Note that if you do not choose to participate in the program you still will be required to sign the code of conduct document.